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DoggyTourer XL


The KidsTouring GmbH is an "owner-managed company" and our products are still manufactured by hand.


Dog trailer for exciting jaunts with the bike

As a German manufactory of bicycle trailers for dogs, we have made a name for ourselves. Not without reason. With every bike trailer, we pay special attention to quality and take the traditional motto "Made in Germany" very seriously.

We love long bike trips and of course exciting discovery hunts with our four-legged friends. In order to combine both, we have created comfortable dog bike trailers, which allows owners to take their fur noses with on long bike rides. A revelation for those who do not own a spacious vehicle. Usually the good places to run around are far away. Although most city parks have large meadows. the free walking around is not always allowed there for dogs. It's worth a trip to the countryside.

For these dog lovers we have built bicycle trailers for dogs. With those you can also reach distant places quickly. Simply put the dog through the entry into the bike trailer, close the door by means of push buttons and tighten the trailer to the bike. Off we go. Discover bike trailers for your dog now in the shop.


Our DoggyTourer are characterized by high quality, functionality and design

You want to do something good for the environment and do without a jaunt by car? Opt for cycling with the dog.

Thanks to our bike trailer you can take your darling with you on a discovery tour and take a break in an idyllic meadow. This will please the dog who wants to sniff the trees and shrubs while taking a sip from your water. Enjoy the peace with a small snack and watch your rascal while he curiously explores the area.

Thanks to our trailer for dogs, you will experience wonderful moments in nature. Our dog trailers are special. They are not only functional, easy to assemble and easy to care for - even in terms of design our dog trailers can be seen. Eye-catching colors leave an impression and large reflectors on the dog trailer ensure that the trailer can be seen well even in poor visibility.


Well tolerated and durable - with 25 years warranty and Made in Germany

It goes without saying that our in-house products are naturally free of toxins, waterproof and characterized by high-quality materials.

Every manufacturer that supplies our company is a certified ISO company with headquarters and production in Germany. Our suppliers only supply goods that are processed with CNC, laser or cutter. On the one hand, this means for our customers HANDMADE and on the other hand, one product is like the other, precisely tailored by CNC.
25-year warranty on all ALU parts in every DoggyTourer. Each DoggyTourer is bolted (except two rivets), i. You can disassemble the trailer into its parts if something is to be renewed. In the DoggyTourer every screw is interchangeable,
For questions of any kind, for support and for your dog use our service. Call and we will solve every problem together with you! By post, we are also available on the weekends. By phone from Monday to Friday and on request also at these times, if it suits you !

In our shop you will find the dog trailers for your bike and you can conveniently buy online and get the complete Doggytourer delivered. Of course you will also find accessories and conversion accessories in the offer.


Which products can you find in the shop?

- our popular dog bike trailer "DoggyTourer"
- Doggy Pads
- DoggyTourer garage
- Learning toys
- Doggy Connector
- DoggyTourer lattice box
- Orthopedic beds
- and great accessories


If you have questions about a product, please let us know. You as a customer are important to us. Therefore, we want you to be satisfied with the dog trailer for the bike from our house. Of course, the same applies to the helpful accessories for our "DoggyTourer".

Sitting in the dog trailer is an experience for every dog

Surely you have already seen in a gassi lap, as cyclists with their bike and a bicycle trailer rush across the bike path. Kids do not always sit in it. More and more dogs make themselves comfortable in the dog trailer and look curiously through the windows. This not only looks funny, but is also safer for some four-legged friends. So the dog trailer is especially suitable for older dogs, who also like to explore forests and meadows, but can not run so long distances. The same applies of course also to young dogs and small puppies, which are to mark the exertions of a long march quickly. Our dogtrailer are universally applicable. So these are especially beneficial to dog lovers, the movement-restricted animals hold, but now and then with the fur nose to the veterinarian must. Once set in our trailer for dogs, the animal can be easily transported from A to B. Of course, the same applies if you own several dogs.

The uses are varied. We are happy to advise you in a personal conversation. If you want to get yourself a picture of a Doggytourer from our house, you can also look at our models on site. Trust our expertise in bike trailer for your dog and buy now a great dog trailer in the shop.


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